erstellt von Skully am 19.06.2017 um 11:25

TobiWan: Dota 2 steht an einem Scheidepunkt

TobiWan came forward on Reddit to go in-depth about why he felt Dota 2 as a community is reaching a breaking point, and his points hit home with many fans and talent. "We are rapidly approaching a breaking point for Dota 2 where we either go stale or reboot our community. Valve's decisions dictate the road." [...] "Many of the things have already been discusses multiple times since the first days of Dota 2, they are reaching a point where the future of Dota 2 is reliant on some if not all these issues being resolved." [...] TobiWan's comment received heavy praise from talent such as LD and Capitalist as well as the public, who agrees that something needs to be done.

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