erstellt von Skully am 19.06.2017 um 11:29

LD: Das Problem ist, dass es keinen wirklichen Rückweg gibt

BeyondTheSummit's David 'LD' Gorman gave some very insightful comments on a podcast appearance last week about what he believes to be the biggest issue facing the health of Dota, the fact it is so prize-money driven. [...] "The problem for Valve is you can't really go back. They already cut one Major if they cut the prizepool of the Majors as well or change the way TI crowd funding works, if they're not funelling money to the players in the same amount, I think it's going to invoke huge backlash from the community. Valve's in a tough position in that regard." [...] "The biggest issue you encounter with Dota right now is that it is a very prize-money driven scene. In theory having a high prize money scene relative to other sources of earnings means players can focus on competition, that's great. It does have a lot of downsides though."

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